330 employees' expertise and commitment

330 employees disseminated in six skill centres put their expertise in information management and data marketing at your disposal:

Scientific centre

Science and statistics experts specialising in data analysis and scoring

Analysis centre

40 analysts studying economic and financial data obtained from targeted companies


Specialised teams dedicated to building databases



Experts dedicated to developing technological solutions for your company's information systems


An entire team dedicated to monitoring and analysing regulations pertaining to business information


Experts who fulfil our customers’ requirements: answering questions about our services, support in using our solutions, etc.

Our scoring

Empirical statistical models combined with data mining and machine learning algorithms have helped Ellisphere build innovative scoring models based on the quality and scope of its databases. On a scale of 0 to 10, our scores evaluate businesses' default risk over relevant time frames depending on commitments from the concerned parties (over 1, 2, 3, or 5 years for instance). To this day, 8 million entities are rated in Ellisphere's database. We can also establish specific scores based on our customers' economic model and business rules (decision model). The code of ethics specifies the general frame in which Ellisphere establishes its scoring.

A unique information database

Ellisphere manages and distributes a database containing 13 million companies, up to 10 years after they were liquidated. It is fed data from public data sources such as INSEE, RNCS, BODACC, JOAFE, as well as private data sources, directly from businesses or through partners. Find out more.

Our network

Ellisphere's ability to set up partnerships with leading service providers: Atradius and its new customisable credit insurance service, Ellicover's new and unique service, and Soplex to provide data for SAP systems.