Comply with regulations

Your objectives

Banks, insurance companies, institutions, or businesses: today, complying with legislation and regulations is essential to a good governance.

Every economic player is affected by the threat of fraud and money-laundering, the fight against terrorism and undeclared labour, and of course corporate social responsibility.

Our solutions


Our solutions help you verify your partners' compliance with regulations: identifying business relationships, verifying customer information, automatic collecting and managing official documents, etc.


Dafsaliens, our financial links service, combined with our information system solutions, help you comply with FATCA regulations to prevent tax evasion schemes involving foreign entities and offshore accounts belonging to American taxpayers.


In compliance with the French labour code law n°20116 - 672, we guide you through the selection, evaluation and monitoring of your strategic partners' legal information to ensure your suppliers and subcontractors comply with concealed labour regulations.


Our databases of French and foreign companies and our legal monitoring programs provide you with crucial information to hire suppliers who share your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policies.