Manage your risks

Your objectives

Preventing and managing your partners' risks play a major role in your company's development when it comes to improving profitability and performance.

You should focus on:
  • Identifying and evaluating both threats and opportunities
  • Selecting reliable trade partnerships
  • Protecting yourself against non-payment
Good risk management requires:
  • Exhaustive, monitored, and traceable data from reliable sources
  • Relevant indicators
  • Meticulous analysis and rating providers

Your risk management requirements come with increased needs for reliable credit analysis, relevant indicators and adequate monitoring of risk profiles.

Our solutions


Complete online information on companies

In France or abroad, Ellipro, gives you access to

  • all your partners' legal, financial and capital-related information
  • solvency reports which include our default probability scoring and our credit evaluation
  • custom studies carried out by our analysts
  • over 124 million online reports on companies from over 70 countries, available on our BIGnet network
Expand your information systems

Working side-by-side with your team, our technological solutions experts set up data flows to expand your information systems (CRM-ERP) in real time with web services or dedicated connectors

Enjoy monitored information

In order to be notified in real time of any major change which might affect your trade and financial strategy, monitor scoring and legislative events in France but also in certain foreign countries


360° vision of you customer and supplier portfolio

  • Ellibox helps you pool your financial and trade data on a centralised application.
  • Map out your portfolios to instantly identify risk areas and establish adequate monitoring strategies
  • Provide a 360° view of you customer or supplier portfolio, easily accessible to all your employees involved in your risk management


Protection against non-payment

  • Ensure your most sensitive invoices on a case-by-case basis during a renewable 3-month period using Ellicover, our credit insurance solution. This innovative system was developed with our partner Atradius, one of the world leaders in credit insurance.
  • For your uninsured outstanding invoices, refer to our debt collection solution with IJCOF, our subsidiary set up with our partner Intrum Justitia.

Investors and creditors

A comprehensive approach to secure your investment projects

  • Identifying financing needs according to the economic context
  • Specify investment intentions
  • Achieve macroscopic understanding of industries and markets
  • Customised qualitative and strategic analysis to verify your target businesses' potential
  • Performance and prospect surveys using industry indicators and benchmarks
  • A private rating report complete with financial and quality ratings
  • A rating committee for final approval
  • Continuous monitoring of major events and industry trends to anticipate changes and identify underlying threats
  • Maintaining the news feed and collecting financial, accounting, and legal data using our information system